Hey guys! Today I’m showing you some really easy, inexpensive home decor from Dollar Tree to DIY for Valentines Day 2019. What is your favorite DIY? Mine is the wooden heart frame 💖 I still can’t believe it was only cost me $2 to make! Please subscribe to my YouTube channel if you’re not already, it would mean so much to me, it’s free, and I post new videos on Mondays and Fridays.

    Valentines heart mantle decoration

    You will need:
    4 wooden heart cut-outs from Dollar Tree
    Acrylic Paint

    Cut off the ribbon on the hearts
    Paint your hearts with acrylic paint
    String the twine through the hearts and hang from your mantle

    *TIP- I think these would be so cute if you added your kids names on each of the hearts! You could also hot glue mini clothespins and hang polaroid pics on them.V

    DIY Mason Jar Vase + How I make artificial flowers look real:

    You will need:
    5-6 bundles of artificial flowers
    Fillers (I used berries and fern)
    Decorative Rope
    Mason jar Vase

    For this next DIY I’m just using some Decorative rope and these mason jars. These are going to be my vases for my artificial flowers that I’m going to be showing you next. All I’m doing here is applying some hot glue around the rim of the jar and gluing the rope around. This is going to cover the rim and give it a little more personality. 

    I used some decorative rope and hot glued it around the rim of the mason jar vase. The reason I’m applying hot glue instead of something more permanent such as E6000 is because it’ll be so easy to take it off if I decide to reuse these jars for something else. Your standard mason jar lids will fit on these Dollar Tree jars and it would be a perfect container for a DIY gift.

    To make my flowers look as real as possible I got some roses and for fillers I’m using some berries and later on you will see that I’m also going to be throwing some fern in there as well

    Oftentimes when you get roses, they fill them using babys breath, ivy, fern, moss, or an assortment of other types of filler flowers and greenery. Adding different elements helps break up the look , it gives it more color, texture, and really helps you achieve the particular look you want

    You can get creative with this. Whatever look you want to achieve can be done by using the fillers of your choice. 

    You gotta play around with them until you get the look you want.

    You can choose to use epoxy resin, that’s typically what they put in pre-made artifcial flowers to give the illusion of water. But I just opted for water since I’m going to be reusing these jars.

    DIY Hanging Heart in Frame

    For this next DIY you’re going to need this sign and jute twine from Dollar Tree. 

    I started by dismantling all the pieces by cutting and tearing off the ribbon that attached it together. 

    I did each piece one at time. I used hot glue to secure the twine and wrapped it around several times covering the piece.

     I did end up using the back piece as the new front piece because it matched the twine better

    I continued these steps on all the pieces using hot glue to secure especially around the angled edges of the heart.

    After the twine was wrapped around all the pieces, I laid them down spacing them apart how I liked it.

    To attach the pieces all back together, I used nautical rope and hot glue. Don’t be afraid to go in with that hot glue because this will prevent the heart from becoming tilted when its hanging.

    One thing that I forgot to do before I wrapped the twine around was wrapping a loop around the heart so that it had something to hang from. If you do this, make sure you do this step first. I had to dig to find the hole and wrapped a piece of jute twine around it. 

    Brandon put together a frame for me out of 4 1×4’s 

    We just used some scrap wood that we had in the mini barn so this was essentially a $1 project for us. 

    The dimensions for the frame:
    2 – 1×4 cut to 15.5″
    2 – 1×4 cut to 13.5″

    He used a drill bit to pre-drill the holes and put together the frame with trim screws.

    We put an S hook in the center for the heart to hang from and I stained it using Minwax in Espresso and hung the heart up in the middle of the frame.

    XOXO Faux Wood Sign

    For this next DIY I bought two of these LOVE signs and removed the metal hearts off of them

    I attached the two signs together hot gluing the back of them together with paint sticks

    I flipped the sign over and traced the outline of the heart onto the clear transparent paper from Dollar Tree and  cut the heart out

    I cut out strips from faux wood contact paper and adhered them to the sign. I spaced them apart enough to look like it wasn’t one sheet of wood, but rather, planks.

    I had some x’s leftover from whenever I made the tic tac toe board and I had no other reason to use them so I figured now would be as good of time as any. Honestly. They have been sitting in my craft closet for years. You guys could just paint some x’s on there using this method (tracing and using the clear transparent paper as a stencil) and I’m sure it would look just as good.

    I just glued them down onto the sign with hot glue.

    Then I took my heart cutout and stenciled it where I wanted to put the hearts so that it would be a nice contrasting background for the metal hearts.

    And I just hot glued them down onto the sign

    Personalized stuffed animal

    Alright one last DIY and this is something for the kiddos. I got some glitter glue and just put Jaylis initials on the heart of a stuffed animal. It’s just an inexpensive and cute way to personalize dollar tree gifts.

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